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Lash Extensions Vs Mascara

Hey Beauté's!

Lets talk about one of the things we've all had in our beauty kit - Mascara...

"I enjoy searching for the 'perfect' mascara... "

Said no one. Ever!

I know that "!" gets used a lot... but its true, especially in this case! We see advert after advert about these 'new technologies' and how this mascara will revolutionise your life, how this new type of mascara wand will have men kneeling at your feet, how these micro fibres will reach the sky... yawn! And whether you've done one 'perfect' mascara hunt or (ahem) many... it'll leave you with less money in the bank and more goop on your eyelids! (or dry clumps at the end of its life!)

Effectively what a mascara does is coat your lashes, clumps more than one together which gives the illusion of thicker lashes and by the coating also attaching to itself it gives the look of a longer lash.

So if you already have lots of beautiful long lashes (lucky you!) then mascara may give you the desired look you want with out you even trying - get you and your good genetics! But if you have naturally short and thin lashes then really you just accentuate what you're hoping to disguise!

And finally - getting the damn stuff off. Sometimes easier than others. Especially if its waterproof! The rubbing and the rubbing - well that isn't any good for your eyeballs, lashes or the delicate skin around your eyes... aggravated smile lines no one wants those - if you get my drift! And if you don't take it off every evening before bed its not just panda eyes you'll be waking up to... you're opening up yourself to bacteria and eye infections!

Now lets talk.... Eyelash extensions... !

Lash extensions however can give multiple looks for all different lash lines.

Yes, we are bound to a certain extent to what we can achieve by having to use natural lashes as the foundation to what we build on (like mascara in that way...) but we have options to overcome that ladies with short or thin lashes we've got you and your problem solved and even if you are blessed in the lash department you can give strip lashes a run for their money!

We don't clump lashes together - we call this isolation - so each natural lash is given its own eyelash extension, which will give it a thicker, longer look or the look of more than one eyelash with volume fans! (the lashes that we use are so light that we can place more than one eyelash extensions on one single natural lash, so you can increase your lashes multiple times!)

Not only this but the simplicity of lash extensions means no removal of mascara every night only to reapply again in the morning! Lash extensions mean perfect lashes going to sleep and perfect lashes waking up - with a little brush through of course! - no mess, no fuss, no time wasted!

Ok, so you can't apply them at home in front of your mirror but what with the promise of a lay down and some shut eye you really don't need to think about the application - just leave it to your lash professional! You will need a teeny bit of home maintenance like a cleanse here and a brush there - but honestly, the results will have you hooked! And with proper application and the best sizes of lashes used for your natural lashes wearing lashes can go on for as long as you want, for that special occasion or for every day wear!

So if you're already a lash convert - you know what I'm talking about...

If you've never tried them - just give me a call and we'll get you booked in for your fully customised, beautiful and safe lashes - what have you got to loose?

Sophie x

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