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Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Here at Beaute by Sophie I want to change the preconceptions that...

1. Beauty treatments damage your natural beauty


2. Quality beauty treatments need to leave you completely out of pocket.

Ok so...

1. It's not the beauty treatment itself that causes damage - its improper application! Whether its; droopy spider-looking lashes, painfully thin nails underneath a lump of acrylic or no 'brow to speak of with a harsh red-skinned highlighter - ouch! When a beauty treatment is carried out incorrectly it can cause long lasting damage - but if you're in the right pair of hands with a fully qualified beautician you can have your treatment time and again!

Make sure when you're looking for a beautician they are both fully qualified and insured!

2. I disagree that you can base your opinion purely on price as - I don't know about you but - I have had beauty treatments both very expensive and fairly cheap and I could've given them the same review or been happier with the results of the cheaper! Of course, beauty salons need to pay their over heads as well as wages and we all have different things we need to consider with our pricing but I have seen (and corrected) work that hasn't been cheap, didn't last and created natural beauty problems - see my lash rehab!

Do your research on your beautician or lash/brow/nails specialist and don't be scared to ask questions!

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