Meet Sophie...

A beautician, a mummy, a girlfriend and a die hard natural beauty lover.

I believe that eyelash extensions, brows and nails can really help to give you the confidence you never knew you had.

For me lashes were my godsend after having my little girl, they made me feel world ready; more awake, more 'put together' and as if I could welcome any visitor or see anyone in the street without any make up on.

 Time is so precious, having the extra moments in the day to gaze at your little one, give your other half 'the look', be selfie ready with your friends, get out the door in the morning a little easier or to just appreciate how lovely you look in the rear view mirror.

I am proud to welcome you into my little treatment room, where you can relax, have some time with your thoughts, nap or have a good chat and leave feeling more beautiful and confident than when you arrived.

I've had good and bad experiences... expensive and inexpensive treatments... from both beauty salons and mobile technicians but one thing I have never found is a real care for your natural beauty.  We cannot continue to consistently have beauty treatments that accentuate our features if we aren't taking care of the foundations that we build upon.

I pride myself on being a natural beauty protector. 

I have had multiple training's in each area of beauty that I offer, real world experience and with continued mentoring I am confident in offering you amazing treatments. I will always work with you to achieve your desired look without compromising your natural lashes and beauty.


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