Lash Therapy

Eyelash Extensions ruin your natural lashes... MYTH!

Many people say that eyelash extensions damage your natural eyelashes, this may be what they've heard from a friend, what they may have experienced themselves or maybe because they are unaware what goes into achieving a set of true lash extensions.


Unfortunately, there are many under trained or even unqualified lash 'artists' out there, a quick set or an extremely cheap set can be an indicator of the level of care and attention you will get during your treatment.

A rushed set can mean the most basic but most important step in eyelash extensions being achieved - isolation.  This means that before any faux lashes are applied, your own natural lash has been separated from any others - meaning you will have individual placement not clumps of lashes and glue. Your eyelashes grow in cycles and by having more than one glued together can mean crisscrossed, twisting lashes and damage to your lash line - which could mean fewer lashes being applied in future - so less fullness. 

If you have had an improper lash service you may have had lashes applied that are too thick or long and you can see/feel; tugging or an uncomfortable feeling on your lash line, twisted, crisscrossed, clumpy, gappy or drooping lashes then you need to get those lashes off fast (by a professional) so you don't have long lasting damage.

During lash therapy we will work together to improve the health of your natural lashes, this doesn't necessarily mean going without lashes as with proper application and the right type of lashes you can still receive a full set.


Through lash therapy you will find a way to be able to wear lashes indefinitely with the correct treatment including; isolation, correct lash weight and glue ratio and well followed aftercare.

Don't settle for less - invest in your lash future.

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