Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can take the stress out of the start of every day, waking up with perfect lashes can save precious time in the mornings and makes the search for 'the perfect mascara' finally over. This beauty treatment couldn't be further from high maintenance... booking an eyelash extension appointment can be self care as much as a beauty appointment; a couple of hours to yourself to relax, be with your thoughts or even rejuvenate with a lash nap only to wake up relaxed with perfect lashes as the icing on the cake!

Eyelash extensions can create a beautiful bespoke look for any eye...

one or multiple synthetic lashes are applied to each natural lash and tailored to each individual as every lash line is different.  Eyelash extensions can give you length and density you wish came naturally and that mascara could never achieve -  just perfect lashes.

The time given for each lash treatment includes a lash cleanse (or extra lashing time if you cleanse before your appointment), complete isolation of your natural lashes, careful lash application and lash mapping and lash direction correcting to create the perfect shape for your eyes.

As a new client you will receive a 20 minute consultation to include; a patch test - to test for sensitivity and to discuss your desired look and outcome for your lash treatment.

Each set is to be retouched every 3 weeks which will include; a lash cleanse, check on your natural lash health, remove any out grown lashes and to apply new lashes to give you a look as full as your original set.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

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